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Here's The Deal:

Very simply put, would you like a FREE email address?  Click the sign up button and register. There are only 500 slots available. Email is hosted by a Windows Live Hotmail account. If you use Outlook, Outlook Express Android or any other mail client this service WILL NOW work with them.

Basic settings for your email client (Android, iPhone, Etc):

(Incoming Settings)
Password: password
Port: 995
Security: Enable SSL

(Outgoing Settings)
Password: password
Port: 587
Security: Enable TLS

Once the account is created:
Click settings (gear icon top right next to user name)
Click Options
Click 'Connect devices and apps with POP'
then select 'enable' for POP and save it.

Your email mail client should work.

Email Log In URL:

When the account is created use the full email address
(I.E. and password to log in.
 How simple is that?

For those that enjoyed this site all things come to an end. Don't ask why just deal with it. If you had an email account it should work fine with the links provided. Please be advised around 9-30-15 (maybe sooner) I will not renew the domain and will be retired.

Disclaimer: What you do with your account is YOUR business. In other words,


Get a free Email account